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You Are Pure Bliss 2

Pure Bliss One was a very sensual audio that I hoped relaxed, calmed and satiated you. With Pure Bliss Two, I think sometimes we need more than just sensual comfort.  We need relea...

She wants to workout with you, in more ways than one. #MILF #kitchensex #oralworship #GoodBoy

I Love Your Cock

Yes, yes I do. I love to touch it. Tease it. Lick it. Suck It. And...mmmmmm, so much more.

Disobey Me, Pet

You could just disobey me and take what you want or you can be my good boy, and please me first.

The Barista

Your favourite barista does her best to making you feel good after you had a bad date. #oralbothways 

Heating you up in my favourite way on this chilly winter night.

Best First Date

I'm not quite as shy as you think I am.  #shy/notshy #kitchensex #anal #cunnilingus #romantic #Happy February   Please consider supporting JuicyPeach! Pledging on my Patreon gives ...

Open Up to Me

I don't like feeling part of your body is off limits to me.  Let me try this (a little anal play) with you, baby.  I only want to make you feel good.  #prostateattention #rimming #...

The New Neighbour

I see you peeking at me by the pool. Peeking is fun but playing is so much more. This one is a couple years old but thought you might like it being that most of us are freezing thi...

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