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Open Up to Me

I don't like feeling part of your body is off limits to me.  Let me try this (a little anal play) with you, baby.  I only want to make you feel good.  #prostateattention #rimming #...

The New Neighbour

I see you peeking at me by the pool. Peeking is fun but playing is so much more. This one is a couple years old but thought you might like it being that most of us are freezing thi...

Wakey Wakey Handsome

I'll make a deal with you:  You get out of bed and I'll do wicked sexy things to you in the shower.   Thank you for listening!  My podcast is just a small sample of my erotica. Vis...

Wait didn't I used to babysit you? Running into your former babysitter at your parent's Christmas party is a night you will never forget. Part 2 available at

The Lingerie Shoppe

A shop girl's fantasy fulfilled: It all starts off quite innocently when you wander into my store to shop for your girlfriend but things quickly begin to heat up.  Part of the 25 D...

A Little Rough

Sometime's a girl needs it primal and unfiltered.  Is that ok?😉🍑 Want to hear more?  Visit

Nurse Peach is back and feeling so naughty! This time she is your recovery nurse after physical therapy.  She knows just what you need to feel better and she doesn't care who hears...

The Hairstylist

Your hairstylist (and her co-worker) take care of ALL your needs.  The Hairstylist 2 exclusively on my Patreon this month!

You Are Mine JOI

  You belong to me and you will do exactly as I say... #gentlefdom #joi #tiedup 

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