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SweetPeach Calming JOI

SweetPeach is a combination of JuicyPeach Erotica and SweetWhispers (SweetWhispers Audio on YT).  This is a JOI that is meant to relax and calm you with no pressure or fast build u...

Just as you're about to leave a boring party, a world of sexy crashes into you. Literally.💕   More JuicyPeach Audio Episodes Available Here

The Resort

A late night skinny dip in the resort pool.  Care to join me? (older woman/younger man) #oralworship #cunnilingus #dirtytalk #cowgirl   This is the first time I've done a older wom...

Dirty Girl JOI

Just because I'm your boss doesn't mean I can't be a dirty girl. Want to hear a little more of my naughtiness? Click the links below:   JuicyPeach Full Catalogue   Personalised ver...

You know you want to. Just relax and give yourself to me. #intimate #moans #whispers #sweetpeach   A personalised version of this audio is available at: Personalisation Requests

Mmm...Good Boy HFO

This is a long one!  If you're a fan of erotic hypnosis, or just curious about it, this one is for you.😘

Catwoman finally has Batman exactly where she wants him...   Part One of a Four part series available exclusively on my Patreon at

Mmm...I'm feeling very friendly this morning, daddy.  Mind if I be your alarm clock? New downloads and bespoke audios available each week here.

Loving Your Cock

I show you just how sexy, sensual and loving a bit of oral worship can be.   JuicyPeach Audio Erotica

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