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You Are Mine JOI

  You belong to me and you will do exactly as I say... #gentlefdom #joi #tiedup 

Quarantine Relief

Facetime between besties stuck at home leads to much needed sexy relief. Copyright 2020 JP Audio Productions. All Rights Reserved. Any attempt to imitate, copy, publish, sell and/o...

You Are Pure Bliss

I want to give you pure pleasure and relaxation, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.    Part 2 available now at You Are Pure Bliss 2 Copyright 2020 JP Audio Product...

I Must Confess

This is hard for me to say to you but, I must confess...I WANT to be your naughty girl.   Ready for more? Come say hello at JuicyPeach Erotica

After leaving your laptop open on the bed, I discover you have a thing for naughty cheerleaders.   New downloads each and every week at JuicyPeach Erotica

Dirty Girl JOI

Just because I'm your boss doesn't mean I can't be a dirty girl. Want to hear a little more of my naughtiness? Click the links below:   JuicyPeach Full Catalogue   Personalised ver...

You know you want to. Just relax and give yourself to me. #intimate #moans #whispers #sweetpeach   A personalised version of this audio is available at: Personalisation Requests

Mmm...Good Boy HFO

This is a long one!  If you're a fan of erotic hypnosis, or just curious about it, this one is for you.😘

Loving Your Cock

I show you just how sexy, sensual and loving a bit of oral worship can be.   JuicyPeach Audio Erotica

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